How to fix Rehab: Words from Dr Tom McLellan

By David on April 17, 2014

The call came on a Saturday, a day after Thomas McLellan told an auditorium of graduate students to rethink the science of addiction. As a research psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, no one knew more about the subject. But despite his expertise, both McLellan’s sons had become addicts. His oldest was in rehab for […]

Effective Addiction Treatment

By Christina on April 13, 2014

Countless people addicted to drugs, alcohol or both have managed to get clean and stay clean with the help of organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous or the thousands of residential and outpatient clinics devoted to treating addiction. But if you have failed one or more times to achieve lasting sobriety after rehab, perhaps after spending tens […]

3/31/14 CAPA Training Pics

By David on April 3, 2014

We took a few photos from our last CAPA Training and wanted to share them with everyone. Thanks again to the presenters and agencies that took the time to share there experiences implementing what we have been learning.

Required Clinical Supervisio​n Training

By David on March 6, 2014

For those who need the required, LCSW 3 hour clinical supervision training, Brown School is offering one April 25th entitled Passing the Legacy On: Ethical Issues in Clinical Supervision. More info can be found HERE. Their summer class will be held on June 13th and is entitled Contextual Supervision: A Strength-Based Approach to Clinical Supervision. If […]

CAPA Check In

By David on March 6, 2014

Below is a copy of the most recent e-mail sent out by Dr. David Patterson. Dear CAPA Colleagues, I wanted to follow up after our training last Monday. There are some documents attached that were requested. In regards to readings, it would be great if everyone could please review Part 2, Chapter 2 of the […]